• » Switched access costing by individual call, for every call – no sampling
  • » Leased access costing by all individual circuits – no sampling
  • » Interface to Work Force Administration (WFA) systems for granular costing of installation, repair, and maintenance activities each month
  • » Revenue accounting visibility, with automatic reconciliation between revenue ledger records and actual billing records
  • » Break-even analysis at the account level, separating acquisition-related costs and revenues from maintenance-related costs and revenues
  • » Integrated near-real-time portfolio view of each customer, across all subsidiaries and business lines and locations, including application of a unifying master account identifier

With Eyeris Professional Services, a telco discovers that millions of customers have been sold price plans that generated negative net revenue (usage less access), because it used high-level usage profiles that failed to capture individual calling patterns and unique localized costs.

Implement an outbound campaign to migrate customers to alternative plans, recognizing that even defections will improve short-term profitability by millions of dollars per month.