• » Tower-specific capacity utilization monitoring, with differential network costing to accounts involved in each tower during its peaks
  • » Customer-specific loyalty/churn forecasting and Life-time Value (LTV) calculation
  • » Customer-specific account service costing based upon daily call center and provisioning/return center events
  • » Integration of third-party databases for customer segmentation attributes
  • » Break-even analysis at the account level, separating acquisition-related costs and revenues from maintenance-related costs and revenues
  • » Collections costing at the account level based upon size of bill, days late, and specific contact activities

With Eyeris Professional Services, a wireless firm discovers that many of its highest-value customers are being forced to wait in call center queues for too long, while many of its unprofitable customers are being offered expensive retention inducements.

Link call center CTI package to Eyeris Professional Services, so that call routing priority and “Save” scripts can be determined in real-time based upon customer value, improving service/retention mix while reducing expenditures.