EPS is a proven methodology with referenceable implementations in a variety of industries at scales ranging from less than 5 million transactions per month of over 5 billion transactions per month. And, Eyeris provides an extraordinary technology commitment – a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You will be pleased or you will get your money back.

Bottom Line
Customers choose EPS for sophisticated thought leadership, speed of implementation and value (total system cost.)

  • Precision:
  • » Analyzes the relationships between operational data and expense data to calculate the unique unit cost of each operational activity in each department, by customer, product, location, and channel – exploding the corporate P&L into a fully reconciled drillable web of millions of P&L’s each month, by product by customer by location by channel
  • » Automates the data quality assurance and scrubbing process on each of the many source data feeds required
  • » Handles any mathematical equation for assigning costs to any number of drivers (cost objects) at any level of precision.

  • Flexibility:
  • » Handles any mathematical equation for assigning costs to any number of drivers (cost objects) at any level of precision
  • » Provides a cost modeling workbench for rapid prototyping of costing schemes, experimenting with various causal models for each department or process
  • » Supports traditional ABC and ABM techniques, as well as more sophisticated multi-tiered causal models
  • » Adapts easily via the web as business needs change, including new source systems, new operating methods, or new organization structure

  • Convenience:
  • » Ensures that data inputs come from the right client source systems, and that changes in those source systems are accommodated appropriately
  • » Maintains an organized audit trail of source system input data, scrubbed data, and profitability output data
  • » Offers a wide variety of “push” reporting functions, including mass production of hardcopy pdf report binder sets, automatic publication of executive dashboards, and personalized real-time email alerts
  • » Provides automated profitability feeds to your existing budgeting, customer service, incentive comp, and sales/targeting systems
  • » Produces all profitability report views from a single data table, ensuring that the profitability data used by each department matches all others’ without reconciliation