Transforming an organization from chasing intuition to mining profits based upon facts is not a trivial task. Speed is essential; so is method. EPS follows a rapid three-step process for creating a profit-centric organization, giving the appropriate team members in all departments the appropriate tools and training at each step.

Bottom Line
Executive leaders use EPS to build a system that evaluates every department process, customer and product against specific profitability objectives.

  • Intelligence
  • » Gather and synthesize all the firm’s operational transactions so we can understand how each type of customer, product, facility, channel & process are driving work across the enterprise.

  • Transparency
  • » Make financial intelligence visible across the enterprise, using a suite of standard profit-centric reporting and analytical practices.

  • Impact
  • » With precise profitability information available to all decision-makers at all levels, daily operating decisions throughout the firm can be held accountable to specific profitability objectives.