• » Customer-specific risk adjusted capital costing
  • » Customer-specific loyalty/churn forecasting and Life-time Value (LTV) calculation
  • » Customer-specific account service costing based upon daily call center, teller, ATM, underwriting, claims, and broker events
  • » Integrated near-real-time portfolio view of each customer, across all subsidiaries and business lines and locations, including application of a unifying master account identifier
  • » Actuarial and accounting views of profitability down to the account level
  • » Break-even analysis down to the account level, separating acquisition-related costs and revenues from maintenance-related costs and revenues

With Eyeris Professional Services, an insurance firm discovers that some customers have arbitraged pricing between the firm’s channels and divisions, to the firm’s detriment.

Update pricing policies to use Eyeris Professional Services information on experience and expectations based upon an integrated view of customers, cohorts, and products across all divisions and systems.